Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A funny thing happened...

The other day in the kitchen, somewhere in between baking, frosting, gossiping and dancing, Cupcake Girls made a very rookie mistake. We call it a case of a missing identity reminiscent of the childhood game of mismatching Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head.  

While boxing up our precious sexy cakes we realized that our count of cupcakes was off by one. Our proud persona shifted slightly to an "oh oh" gasp. We were sure that we had 1 extra ET Phone Home cupcake, but we were quizzically staring at 1 extra Smore's Please

Hmmmmmm.....a cupcake mystery.

We troubleshooted and truth be told, we made a crucial frosting error. Our poor little ET cupcakes were smothered with a gooey marshmallow cream cheese frosting and our poor little Smore's cupcakes were wrongly accessorized in a decadent peanut butter cream cheese frosting. We created a total party of flavors at the cost of our cupcakes identity! 

This was a first for Cupcake Girls, but it was not a first for how we handled a potential cupcake catastrophe. We laughed, shook it off and headed straight back into the kitchen for take two with gratitude in our belief in QC- quality control and perfectionism. We whipped up a another perfect batch of cupcakes correcting our innocent error and learned a lesson rooted from experience; separate chocolate cupcakes! 

The most valuable lesson learned on this day, however, is best quoted by writer and philosopher Elbert Hubbard,  "Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive."  

We made an error, had a laugh, solved a problem and went about our day. All were happy!

Stay calm and have a cupcake!!!

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