Thursday, May 24, 2012

Attention Food Entrepreneurs

The Cupcake Girls have been busy and our renovations are moving right along. Our permits have passed and demo continues, the walls are open and all new plumbing and electrical is being installed, flooring has been ordered (mahogany 6" planks) , interior paint  colors (antique white & lemon ice) and exterior paint colors (marshmallow white and candy apple red) have been chosen, kitchen equipment has been purchased and mass inventory is on its way. We are even giving our packaging a slight make-over, each chocolate box will be customized with our fantastic logo! Good-bye labels and hello custom professionals! 

We have also chosen our local vendors. Coca-Cola is on board and we will be offering everything and anything from Vitamin Water to Fuze to Tummy Yummies to Coke from Mexico! We are also very excited to announce that we will be using Colorado Coffee Merchants as our local brewer as well as Two Leaves and a Bud for our local tea company! We are thrilled to be working with such great companies and even greater people!

 As you may already know, Cupcake Girls have been renting commercial kitchen space since the launch of our business in August, 2011. As food entrepreneurs, it has been extremely advantageous for us to rent because it has not only kept our overhead low, but it has allowed us the time to settle into the cupcake business and ultimately grow. Renting has allowed us to take this next step towards opening up our own brick and mortar. 

Well over a year ago when we were searching for kitchen space to rent our options were slim to none, especially space centrally located. Cupcake Girls Bakery and Luncheonette has decided to open its kitchen doors to a select number of budding food entrepreneurs. We want to provide a co-operative style kitchen service to local foodies who need a place to set up shop in efforts to grow their business whether it's soup, granola, candy, preserves or wedding cakes! Our rates are competitive and our hours are flexible. Space is limited since we want to keep the kitchen intimate with an emphasis on ease and fun. If you or anyone you know is looking for kitchen space to rent and share, please contact us @ 719.650.2495 or and we can answer any questions you or someone you know may have!

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."
Vincent van Gogh

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