Friday, February 24, 2012

First Gluten Free Bite

Andrea (left) & Lisa (Right)
 We met with the spunky Kristi Hayes, owner of Tabor Mountain Bakehouse, to taste test her gluten free version of Cupcake Girls ET Phone Home and Berrylicious flavors. They were fantastic!

Cupcake Girls were virgins to gluten free treats until Kristi charmed us with her friendly smile and super yummy goodies. We were pleasantly surprised and impressed with such a flavorful and moist cupcake.

 Kristi's cupcakes are gluten free vegan and diabetic friendly. We have one word to describe Kristi's "sexy cakes"  WOW!!!!

Kristi's star ingredient for ET Phone Home is cashew butter and Berrylicious is tweaked with scrumptious strawberries. Mmmmmm!!!! Both cupcake flavors are exclusive to Cupcake Girls.

Cupcake Girls are over the moon to be able to provide a tasty alternative for those of you with food allergies and food sensitivities without comprimising the integrity and richness of our unique cupcakes.

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